A downloadable role-playing game

Treasure Text is a role-playing game played entirely via the messenger app of your choice. Grab some friends, toss them in a group chat and tell them you are off to an exotic island in search of treasure!

Played in real time over the course of seven days, players will coordinate, confer, convene, and confront each other throughout the day. Their daily conversation will prepare them for their nightly exploits, when they don their rain boots, light their torches and head out to explore the island. As they do, they learn the mysteries of the locale and gather clues to find the treasure. They will need to work together to collect all the information, but in the end, only one can take home the prize!


Treasure Text: The Stranding of St. Adjutor Rulebook 5 MB
Treasure Text: The Stranding of St. Adjutor additional files 4.3 MB

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